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Role playing games are a great form of interaction and storytelling distraction. These games basically involve players assuming the roles of mythical characters and playing into these characters to achieve a certain goal. There are offline and online RPGs. Online RPGs include Firefall and 9dragons.

Firefall is a sci-fi action RPG where various players take part in battle. The goal is to advance in levels by completing missions and collecting equipment from the fallen enemies.

9dragons is a martial arts-themed game which features player-verses-player and player-verses-environment game play. The main goal is to kill the opponent and receive karma.

Once the player reaches level 25, they can choose a role in the clan; as a warrior, strategist, chi Kung artist or holist. It is also included in the Lyoness program.

Dungeons and dragons is one of the most popular offline role-playing games. For this game, you need a book containing the game’s rules and information. This includes a player’s handbook, master manual or master guide.

You also require a dice, paper and pen for mapping and keeping track of character stacks. The game master prepares a set of rules and a fictitious fantasy world in which players can act out their characters and roles.

Another offline RPG is Call of Cthulhu, a horror fiction game in which players assume the characters of ordinary people drawn into the dominion of mysterious artists, detectives and criminals.

As the players in their roles gain more insight into the true horrors of the world, their sanity eventually wanes. They need to defeat the horrors to regain sanity.

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